Thursday 28 August 2014

AbstractRadio: A Manifesto

AbstractRadio - turning a dream into reality.

AbstractRadio was born out of a simple observation: there's a lot of great music out there, and it never ceases to amaze how little of it is well-known. 

AbstractRadio is here to rectify this sorry state of affairs, to redress the balance caused by one of the major pitfalls of commercial radio, namely playing a constant rotation of mediocrity - mainstream music, the quality of which is, at best, somewhat dubious. 

AbstractRadio aims to be a little different. AbstractRadio aims a little higher. 

Here at AbstractRadio, we have a truly vast library of amazing music at our fingertips - amassed over decades, much of it not in the public domain - and a fantastic team, ever-eager to present it in its best light possible. AbstractRadio never plays obscure material lacking in substance - with our combined experience as radio and live djs, we guarantee that the hidden gems we unleash on you are just that - gems. 

AbstractRadio was born out of a immense, all-encompassing passion for music of all kinds. 
And so, the music should be allowed to stand on its own, hence the desire to play the best music, without break - we never cut to the news or an unwanted ad., and you won't hear any inane, needless, self-promoting banter coming over the air. If the best version of a song runs three times as long its radio edit, we will still play that one, the best.

AbstractRadio was born out of a dissatisfaction that while we, who have worked in the industry for years, have access to some truly great, some say life-changing, music, our audience has until now been limited - restricted either to local/national radio, and usually required to adapt to the programming limitations of playlists, audience targetting, advertisers' needs and radio charters (which determine the ratio of how much talk/music/news etc you can broadcast per hour), or to working as live djs where, even if you play 10 times a week to a crowd of 1,000 each time, this weekly audience of 10,000 is negligible when compared to the reach of a global internet-based radio station. 

AbstractRadio was born out of an ever-growing despair over the cult of personality. 
For AbstractRadio, it is the music that counts, not the person playing it. And so, unless we have a very special guest contributor (and we do have some wonderful talent already lined up), we won't be telling you much about the dj.

←   So, absolutely none of this.

Instead, as part of AbstractRadio's 24-hour live stream, there's an up-to-the minute list of the tracks recently played, so you know what's what, along with a chat feature so you can discuss the merits of late '90s Patagonian techno, or whatever else takes your fancy, with your fellow listeners and with us here at the studio.

One other thing - AbstractRadio aims to be completely transparent, with a warts and all approach - that is, we will report about all the problems, pitfalls and decisions encountered as the station finds its feet. 

Thanks for coming, and enjoy the show...

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