Monday, 29 June 2020

Live Lockdown Session on Twitch!

Yes, it has come to this...

Our first live session on Twitch.

6:30pm BST
Saturday 4th July

Bring your own airhorns.
Looking forward to seeing you there.

Friday, 22 May 2020

Tune of the Week - No.11 - 22.05.20

With so much wonderful music knocking around here in the Abstract studio, we thought we'd take the opportunity to showcase a few very special items that are close to our hearts. Our choices for Tune of the Week may be fresh through the door, or decades old - our aim is that they will always epitomise the ethos of AbstractRadio...

Some time later...

Joi Cardwell - Trouble
Eight Ball Records - EB40

Ok, pay attention now, as we're only going to say this once.

We consider this little gem to be our favourite house track.
And, to really put the cat among the proverbials, we also believe it to be one of the finest pieces of house music ever created.

Released way back in '95 when NY garage quite rightly ruled the roost, "Trouble" was an underground favourite that never quite crossed over to become a genuinely major club hit.
Now, 25 years on and, franky, it's sounds just as valid, vibrant, poignant, beautiful and timeless as before, and continues to crap over the competition from a humongous height.

Some of you might not understand or appreciate quite why this is so wonderful.
We mourn for thee.

And we never play it "out".
Why, we hear you ask?
Well, honestly, no one really wants to see grown men cry.

Here's the vid:

Oh, almost forgot - the Deep Dish remix is pretty fucking special as well:

Saturday, 29 February 2020

AbstractRadio session - february 2020

Hail, fellow pioneers of an abstract groove!

After no small hiatus, here's another maelstrom of sultry dancefloor silliness, featuring easily the finest tune of 2019, along with a couple of stunners from Sweetpower [more from them anon]. Everything's pretty much up-to-date & mainstream this time round [in our opinion], and we've thrown in the odd old-timer for the sake of balance.

If you're pleasantly tickled by the gospel of AbRad, please help us spread the word and REPOST!

Love and a paddle of platypuses,

The AbRad team

Giving the gift of music, whether you want it or not.

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Track Title
00:00sokurI'm going awaymoiss
10:30angelo ferrerimagicmotive
14:46dirty disco starslove of my lifecrms
18:55crush clubmy mantinted
23:37brothers in artsright on the dancefloorduffnote
27:30jay potterfeeling happyphoenix soul
33:58sharam jey4 your mindnervous
39:28the visionheavendefected
44:22peter browndeliriumftloh
48:31brattI love itzero eleven
50:35barry & gibbsmove onsakura
54:04mike newmaneasybagira ice
59:33sweetpowergroovin to the beatblockhead
64:02hot chocolateevery 1s a winnerblanco
66:45robbie doxmy mindcube
71:16sweetpowerhappy daysblockhead
75:40disco townone lovenervous
81:10kormaklove on the linedftd
88:13sphinxwhat hope have Ichampion

-- Total running time – 1:35:06 --

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