Sunday 26 July 2015

AbstractRadio session - july 2015

So, some more summery shinola for your stereo-sets...

Once again, we're serving up a smorgasbord of some of the quality tunes that have been hanging around, getting in the way of serious matters here at AbRad studios in recent times; kicking off in a fairly light, mellowy mood before injecting a bit of speed and depth into the groove - all on a sort of dubbydiscodeeptribaloldskool tip!

As ever, please take a moment to check out:
All the art of tones' trax, especially the sublime "rainbow song" (a recent tune of the week on AbRad), the disco-drenched madness that is jack le funk's "I like it", and the quirky brilliance that is super flu's "chee pso ng".

There's also the armpit-farting funky genius that is jacklndn's "firing line", DNO's genuinely rather heavenly "sunday morning" and some nice Reefa sampling on anhanguera's "moodywoman".

The rest are pretty special as well.

"Matter in a super position.
Our lives...
Like carts on a track."

Honestly, what's not to like?
Unless, of course, you don't like bass-lines...


Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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Track Title
000:00pretty lights finally moving pretty lights
001:56ks french take me back fkr
006:30ed wizard sweet 2 me editorial
010:46andy hart MYLNY freerange
014:43art of tones I don't think that's music local talk
019:14purple disco machine no lips kitt ball
023:16micky more another man groovejet
028:56jack le funk I like it tasty
032:29the groovers here's to you mr robinson razor n tape
037:00jamie french that groovy thing roots for bloom
040:36dno sunday morning great nights
046:55jacklndn firing line nervous
051:40art of tones rainbow song local talk
058:11lts soul talking luvbug
064:17dank big fun panm
070:26deeplomatik tribal dance salted
076:41stephane ghenacia mamajunk kaoz
080:27art of tones so worried local talk
085:28dj pp just nina pp
091:52deeplomatik the promise land salted
098:31anhanguera moodywoman time machine
103:47siddhar nicciani devil in the sky something else
107:19the deep love your brother basenotic
110:05super flu chee pso ng hommage
118:59david penn back again urbana

-- Total running time – 125.25 --

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