Saturday 27 February 2016

AbstractRadio session - ambient abstractions II - 2016

Aka: "Now that's what I really call chilled volume 2"

Appreciators of ambient abstraction & dedicated devotees of chill …

To [finally] see in 2016, we’d like to take you on an epic journey through 60 years of the finest chillage, featuring a hand-picked selection of laid-back noodlings from the AbRad vaults, favourites of daytime TV producers, idlers and insomniacs alike the world over.

With a lot of fantastic stuff from the Ninja stable, there’s just too many stand out tracks to mention in dispatches - you will have to listen for yourself. Suffice to say, there’s a fair number of golden moments here.

So, lie back, snuggle up, relax and float downstream [but keep your hands where we can see them].


Horizontally yours,

The AbRad team.

[any feedback, much appreciated]

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by genre:
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001:33flashbaxx livingroom adventures im electronic
006:54brian eno always returning eg
011:10kings of tomorrow finallydistance
016:35the cinematic orchestra dawn ninja tune
020:49rollo let this be a prayer cheeky
023:22sylvian & sakamoto forbidden colours - ghosts edit virgin
030:08devotchka how it ends cicero
036:00pink floyd if emi
040:46sarah winton blue jazz noton
043:22thomas dolby I scare myself capitol
048:27i:cube adore music land
054:44klf six hours to louisiana, black coffee going cold klf
056:06ry cooder paris texas warners
060:32klf dream time in lake jackson klf
063:14avro part spiegel im spiegel bis
069:36alucidnation I’m not bad induction
074:54sunsay wind song noton
079:08a man called adam easter song other
085:45dj disse walk on the wild side music for dreams
091:59fragile state the barney fade bar de lune
096:21litmus world on fire noton
098:03the exploding thumbs sky holds the sun holistic
101:17jose padilla walking in the air react
106:22lemon jelly don’t stop now xl
114:01hafdís huld who loves the sun mvine
116:33the penguin café orchestra another one from porlock zopf
119:24philip glass koyaanisqatsi island
123:23olive not alone rca

-- Total running time – 128:28 --

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