Monday 2 October 2017

AbstractRadio session - october 2017

Dear Abstractionados,

Once again, we're clearing the dex ...

Something for every soul,
New 'n old.
Soul & funk, latin, dub & blues, drum & bass,
Funky grooves, afro sounds, broken beats & just a spot of german oom-pah.
All in all, a veritable feast of multi-cultural misappropriation
Distinctly unhinged in parts, in a typically AbRad stylee.

Hopefully, you get the idea.

Peas and love,

The Abrad Team

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Track Title
000:00chakachasyo soy cubanopolydor
002:41sergio mendesthe real thingelektra
007:08 hidden jazz quartetthigh heelsagogo
011:11orchester gunter gollaschhouse of the rising sunamiga
014:11the turtleshappy togetherwhite whale
014:44jamie xxfar nearernumbers
017:21jimmy hughessteal awayvee jay
023:14commonblack america againdef jam
025:03finishing touchdon’t put me downphilly groove
033:52letta mbuluwhat is wrong with groovin’random
036:38the fifth dimensionfeeling alrightportrait
041:22jon kennedytonto rides the gaindigital
047:38pepe deluxewoman in bluesuper sound
051:28beats internationaltribute to king tubbyelektra
052:23tanika charlesendless chainrecord kicks
055:40gladys knighteveryone needs someone to lovesoul
058:49mulatu astatketezetamr bongo
064:04lamont dozierroots reprisewarners
067:27hnnycheer up my brotheromena
072:32hanna williamsain’t enough?record kicks
076:15ebo taylorlove and deathessiebons
083:55les troubadours du roi baudouinsanctusphilips
085:00boards of canadaolsonbbc
091:12the frightnrsrather go blinddaptone
094:17gábor szabóthree kingfishersskye
097:22lambear parcelmercury
099:49around7long leg birdrobsoul
107:08edgar wintersfly awayepic
109:49zeepghost towncrammed
113:10melody gardotfour womenverve
119:40ov wrightlet's straighten it outhi
122:32badbadnotgoodin your eyesinnovative leisure
127:07galt mcdermotcoffee coldkilmarnock
128:43marley vs warget up stand upwhite
132:50goldieI adore youmetalheadz
138:56tim deluxelove isclassic music
142:57the grooverswhere you belongrazor-n-tape
144:38peter gabrielbikovirgin

-- Total running time – 153.25 --

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Unknown said...

Love your music! Such a joy! Thank you! xxx

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