Thursday 4 October 2018

AbstractRadio session - sure beatz workin' - october 2018

Dudes and dudettes - once again, it's time to annoy the neighbours!

Following on from the arcane silliness of our "Dem's da Breaks" sesh back in 2016, here's another bumpy ride into the deeply dysfunctional domain of funky breaks and blunted head-nodding:- a tightly packed selection of trick tunes and suchlike, with guest appearances from otis redding, james brown, the beatles, candi staton, sly stone, lionel richie, kate bush and gwen mcrae - sounds like a cracking dinner party guest list, if nowt else.

Love and manatees,

AbstractRadio - not without a little bit of drama here and there.

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Track Title
000:00kate bush man with child in eyes illicit
001:23crush sounds dhol av8
003:46detroit swindle you me here now dirt crew
006:43get down edits sneaking in the back gde
010:17club des belugas save a little love for me chinchin
011:25lyrics born I changed my mind mo wax
015:24hardwire dope jam kingsize
019:07dr packer comin off alpaca edits
021:14ltj money is tight super value
023:30giano & michael knight walking the dog mri
025:50dj food spiral ninja tune
027:43deluxe pony az
030:06insane bangers lsd nut
032:31crush sounds punjabi av8
034:15del tha funkee homosapien mr dobalina elektra
035:45sweat invaders beat match until I'm blue noton
038:40nightmares on wax what I'm feeling wax trax
040:29gramatik doin it lowtemp
044:29a skillz vs beatvandals money banger insane bangers
046:03chuggin edits keep on keeping on alpaca edits
048:50jonny adams feel the beat maestro entertainment
051:29riccio lil boy fly by night
055:00züm take ya time rinkydink
056:52disco tech get lifted editorial
058:28freaky jalopeno getting' it on finger lickin
065:03hexstatic all night schlong noton
068:34mo horizonsgonna be stereo deluxe
070:20jm jackmaster got to be funky discodat
073:31a skillz twanger banger insane bangers
076:20big boss man sea groove blow up
077:35get down edits want me to stay gde
079:40a skillz vs beatvandals beat don't stop nut
081:52krafty skillz music sounds fatter with u nut
083:46slow motion replay think better soulab
087:37up bustle out emerald alley ninja tune
089:47stickybuds been real ghetto funk
092:22featurecast whoah goodgroove
094:35the source you got the love react
101:53skeewiff skeewiff v big les jalapeno
103:21bassbin twins superstar loops bassbin
103:55bushy sqezy soul catskills
105:39k&d in dub white
109:08llorca I cry f comms
113:48uncle louie full tilt boogie noton
115:46extra curricular robbin hood outta sight

-- Total running time – 119.59 --

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