Monday 30 November 2020

AbstractRadio session - november 2020

Welcome back and all that.

This month's session features some delicious & delectable deepness, comprising as it does of something jazzy, something de profundis & bit of something in between - consider it a buffet of bouncy underground booty from the last few months, plus more than the odd smattering of choice cuts from a bit further back in time.

Like the AbRad elves themselves, as things go on, it gets deeper, and progressively more unhinged. Love and ocelots,

The AbRad team

Giving the gift of music, whether you want it or not.

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Track Title
000:00litmusblunted poetryblanco
001:27supernovathe wobbledowntown underground
005:36dj jazzy jeffevilmirror ball
008:41moreno pezzolato & octahviatake me upla luna
011:52ridney & angie brownbelievelet there be house
015:00demarkus lewisdreams come truesupportsystem
020:19jesse bruin different placesdelicieuse
025:12sous solmacarenasouth park
033:14omar sthe shit babyfxhe
038:31kerri chandlermidnight city blueslarge
045:32laurence guysaw you for the first timechurch
051:26dj islandone lovehovse
056:36soul grooveashburnham jazzfeedasoul
062:33mad rey quartier sexdko
067:34richard earnshaw & inner spiritsummer rainone51
073:45eskuche & nathan kersaintget downfreakin909
078:13dual beatdeja que lloraafricanism
083:21fabio aurea & toshiyiniradiant
085:13lifelike & kris menacewhat time is lovespinnin
086:40nick curlyplenti8bit
092:19jay vegasset u freehot stuff
095:55nick hookactual matter of factgo deeva
101:04bontanmove on outtoolroom
105:42calderaget it rightblackboard
109:41sweetpowerpower bouncebedroom
115:51marco lysblue cream100% pure
121:26kaiser souzaisequoiaballroom
126:51bicepopalninja tune
129:52silvano del gadofrom jamaica to brasil rework 2020del gado rec
136:38mambo brosdiscoteqdefected
142:48marco lysyou'll be minearmada subjekt
148:27monkey safarisafespectrum

-- Total running time – 2:45:29 --

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