Friday 27 May 2022

AbstractRadio session - ambient abstractions III - may 2022

Your questions answered ...

What is this? An accompanying piece to our ambient abstractions sessions from 2016 - consider it a six-decade-encompassing cinematic, meandering sweep through all things horizontal.

What should I prepare myself for? Well, for starters, there's the break into the strings in Romer's That Was a Good Feeling, which is simply breathtaking. Then there's Hannah Peel's and Bill Callahan's astounding contributions, which also send shivvers.
And after that, pretty much all of the rest of it.

Is this a requiem for those no longer with us? To some degree, occasionally yes, but in a life-affirming way.

Is it deeply moving in parts? You betcha!

Should I be using heavy machinery while I listen? No, this would be highly inadvisable.

It seems to go on forever? Yep, that's the general idea.

It just sends me to sleep - WTF? The last 15 mins should counter that.

Have you completely taken leave of your senses? The jury remains out on that.

How long did this take to make? You really don't want to know ... let's say we really wanted to go the extra mile on this one.

Why not make it more manageable and cut it into two halves? Well, we thought long and hard about this, and decided that it makes a lot more sense when listened to as a whole.

Sorry, but where's the banging house music? Coming back soon, we promise.


Taking you to obscure places.
Not necessarily honouring the return fare.

Love and babirusas,


[any feedback, as ever, much appreciated]

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Track Title
000:00gabrielle dennisfamily firstmarvel
000:01ana roxanneit's a rainy day on the cosmic shoreleaving
002:56krill.minimasubmarine poetrynative state
007:45bubblepassing safelycarpe sonum
012:54biospherekobresiaall saints
016:10aisha badrumind on firenettwerk
021:49seigen onojuliasaidera
026:04william galison & madeleine peyrouxheaven to mewaking up
030:05pharoah sandersastral travellingimpulse
034:07julie mintztake me home country roadsdaughters of cain
038:34kan wakanphantasmagoria pt 1white
047:04lil greenwoodI must see jesus for myselface
049:04james carrthe dark end of the streetglowax
051:27tsegue-maryam guebrouhomesicknessbuda
053:08barefootborn slippyonetwo
057:14irma thomasanyone who knows what love isliberty
061:04kaitlyn aurelia smithstratuswestern
063:42jónsi & alex somersboy 1904white
068:21beautiful choruspachamamawhite
069:58jóhann jóhannssonflight from the citydg
074:42gigi masincelebration of edenmusic from memory
079:21dalthose daysgenepool
083:42opezbalera de mark7
087:00solomon greythe riftdecca
089:01mary lattimorenever saw him againghostly
095:19the crazy z'smy favorite showazm
098:25archiveold artistisland
101:53superjaimie & danilo bracahomage to jean stsonyc
107:07axel bomanchestnut heartspritemule musiq
113:54hans zimmertimereprise
117:42alice coltranejourney in satchidanandaimpulse
123:53peter gabrielthe nest that sailed the skyvirgin
127:24nils frahmyouerased tapes
131:10dan romerthat was a good feelingost
134:06rare silkstormpalo alto
139:20donovanhurdy gurdy manepic
140:43randy crawfordone day I'll fly awaywarners
143:50bark psychosispendulum mancirca
151:58stars of the liddungtitledkranky
154:27mahalia jacksonI've been bukedcolumbia
158:47romarela petite mortninja
161:45litmusset world on fireblanco
165:14stanley cowelllullabyestrata
169:02the cinematic orchestrathat homeninja
170:57cat powerI found a reasonmatador
172:47top drawersong of a sinnerwish bon
177:07easyd'ya diglsd
182:25leon redbonelazybonesthird man
185:34eunice collinsat the hotelmodart
187:51stars of the lidarticulate silences pt 2kranky
192:25ulla strausbillowquiet time
196:44trent reznor & atticus rosslife on marsnull
199:34bill callahanone fine morningdrag city
207:58hannah peelsunrise through the dusty nebulamop
213:05princesometimes it snows in aprilpaisley park
219:30black taffygeraldineleaving
222:53hannah peelparticle g1mop
228:08hannah peelthe planet of passed soulsmop

-- Total running time – 234:58 --

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