Wednesday 30 November 2022

AbstractRadio session - hearthis@ - november 2022

"The end of an ear-ache"

[Some of you may appreciate the irony of the above]

Luscious listeners...
Due to the impending restructuring of mixcloud's hosting plan, after the 1st December 2022 [St. Eligius' day, in case you're interested] we will very sadly not be able post any more mixes on that lovely platform.
However, all is not lost, as we've found another home for our sessions...

Firstly, to keep you in the loop, if you haven't done so already, please could you subscribe to us here: [don't follow us at your peril!?]

And we're migrating our mixes over to here: - if you can "follow" us there, we would be most grateful, as it's a new platform for us, and we'd love your support.

Anywho, before the doors were irrevocably slammed shut, we seized the opportunity to post one glorious final session on mixcloud as a undying thanks to you all for the support you've shown over the last eight years, and we decided to go out with a bit of a bang.


We roped in a guest, chained them to the decks, blindfolded them, plied them with hooch, handed them the "golden horde" - a veritable treasure-chest of coveted tunes and, without any preparation, told them to play until we said "stop!" [for God's sake, please stop!]

Many bliss-filled, sweat-drenched hours later, the result - session 50 - our final session on mixcloud - is a loving wander through all the fine music we never had an opportunity to post onto that platform, with the odd old gem thrown in for good measure.

The mixing here is, well ... functional & acceptable - as stated, this was a one-take "live" studio set, and there was absolutely no prep. for this, so there's occasionally not much rhyme or reason to it, and mistakes were [often] made!
The tunes are blindingly good though - ranging from the sweet soulful end of house, to absolute end-of-night bangers, and pretty much everything in between, including a number of rather stupendous exclusives.

For your listening pleasure, we've broken down the session into six manageable parts ... five of which can be found on mixcloud, while the sixth and blistering final part can ***ONLY*** and ***EXCLUSIVELY*** be found here @, our new home!

And here it is : the final - sixth -'s a spiritual thing!

Hope you like - see you on the other side!

And, for everyone out there who likes this stuff - all the dancers, musicians, djs, producers, promoters, club owners, record labels and records shops, everyone who helps keep the vibe alive...

Thank you for the music,

Love and everything under the sun,



"I'll think you'll find this is a perfectly operational sound system."

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