Saturday 22 April 2023

AbstractRadio session 51 - april 2023

"Some deep house music for ya."

[aka: file under "noodly."]

OK, not entirely so as, just for you, we've thown in some tribal bangers, a smattering of latin beats and a soup├žon of off-kilter weirdness.
All off the tab, on the house, no questions asked, a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat, know what I mean?

If you don't like deep stuff which achieves little apart from mess around with your head, you might want to stay away from this.
And if you really don't like deep stuff which achieves little apart from mess around with your head, you should definitely give this a listen - we made it for you.
Question yourself.

Couple of square-peg mixes lurking in here, but the tunes are a cross-breed of two pedigrees: blisterin' & crackin', so who cares.

Proper abstract stuff.

NB: This is our first "official" mix for heathis@ - still settling in, hope you like the show so far ...

Mind y'selves.
And the lampshade.

Love and yaks,


The AbRad team

PS: this mix is available in multiple formats across three platforms :

Here's the vid on friendface - pretty good quality

Here's the vid on youtube:


Track Title
000:00dj fronter, insolentesque liosafe
003:13saliva commandospink cashin:command
008:23defexwe are the beatpoker flat
012:45jimpstersoul spectral dubfreerange
017:04matt mclarrietickly voodoo (joeski remix)younan
023:22krylost in lovechuggy
028:28mattei & omich, steff daxxgod put a smile upon your facem&o
030:57dexter troysweat!moodfunk
039:55hector coutotribalismnulogic
047:00steve lawler, marco lysif only you knewdefected
051:42mat.joe, c'mon, otisticpan praisesaved
061:10hugel, matt sassari, cumbiafricamorenitacr2
071:09a.c.n. feat. idd azizmwotaji switchlab
076:13sonia merzparchman farmstereophonic
079:17freejak, josh hunterkeep this thing rollingsimma black
084:28ben delayeverythingfreakin909
088:34offaiahfind a waydefected
090:30javi reinaburningtropica
093:33mauricio poncethe partyfuture groove
097:08sinner & james, anderblastmisserthere was jack
102:15amorhouse, tonixeverybody motive
106:06dj burlake da veeeboom boom room
111:32wady lino & moondarkcrowdking street
115:57malonetime to movesaved
120:00alvaro smartfoolsspace invaders
124:04marco lysnever enougharmada subject

-- Total running time – 2:09:18 --

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