Saturday 27 April 2024

AbstractRadio - The Mogadon Tapes - one - april 2024

"Introducing the Mogadon Tapes - excursions into the warm glow of Hygge house."

What is Hygge house?

A touch of coziness, a warm hug for your soul, providing a comfy aural blanket to transport you to a realm where time bends, worries fade, and relaxation takes the front seat.

Think of the cadbury's caramel ad...
So, slow down mr posty, savour the moment, and indulge in life’s simple pleasures.

The "M-tapes" are a cut-out-and-keep collection of mixes for chilled nights and lazy summer days, featuring a fair few "mellow late night house chilled classics", some of which have yet to be purloined by the world of granola advertising.
Many of these tracks have appeared in previous AbRad sessions, with good reason.
A few you may have never heard before.

The AbRad elves have curated these mixes for long term use, but whether you come back to these again and again when times are hard, or are here for a single ride, we hope you enjoy.

Love and three-toed sloths,

AbstractRadio - tighter than a gnat's one & ridin' that hat ever since you were a twinkle in the milkman's eye.

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tabula rasa -sunset at the cafe del mar
two lone swordsmen-ricos helly
axus-when I fell in love
nina simone-I wish I knew
dj koze-xtc
the white lamp-it's you
dee dee sharp gamble-nobody can do what you do
subliminal aurra-ease the pressure
critical rhythm-fall into a trance
dj food-consciouness
jad and the ladyboy-what sound
sneaker pimps-6 underground
the dub connection-all the goodness
smooth touch-10 minutes of pleasure
bob marley-is this love
roy davis-gabriel

-- Total running time – 1:59:35 --

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