Sunday 17 May 2015

AbstractRadio session - deepnslow - may 2015

Get set for an Abstract summer...

Here's the first in a welter of new mixes for summer listening on your stereo sets, featuring a shed load of laid back house, garage & swamp funk. Each mix is better than the last, independent of the order you listen to them in.

As per usual, every one's a winner, but if you haven't heard them before, please take a moment to catch: luvless - "drive slowly" & "surrounder", jad & the ladyboy - "what sound", the noodleman - "goin down", 3-11 porter - "surround me with your love", blunted funk project - "changin forever", dj fudge - "keep on wandering" and ron basejam's the white lamp - "its you"

Our deepest thanks to Mr Kenzo for his amazing work in tracking down some of these splendid tunes.


Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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Track Title
000:00sunner soulheydiscodat
003:50jad & the ladyboywhat soundundercover operations
008:42detroit swindleyou me here nowdirt crew
017:56voodoo whiskeyblue for youundercover operations
021:3378 editsslickeditorial
025:24luvlessdrive slowlydelicieuse
029:03session victimtime to let you downdelusions of grandeur
037:123-11 portersurround me with your lovestereo deluxe
045:31club des belugaspeace will comechinchin
048:40jad & the ladyboytime for loveundercover operations
051:10tickler teathe shakedownjack to phono
056:0078 editsyou know how78
059:36satin jacketsgelee royaleeskimo
066:18the owlit was gonna be goodeditorial
071:21the noodlemangoin downeditorial
078:44luvlessmotion capturefoto
087:18stupid humanswamp funksh
098:40ltjand I love himirma
102:00goldboydisco klubbmidnight riot
109:56blunted funk projectchangin foreverbulletproofsonics
114:51changedjamaican girlbasic fingers
128:42matthew kylewith my heart breakingoriginal
132:27los charlys orchestramusic for the soulimagenes
137:51niccolo cupobeyond lovemidnight riot
146:39life on planetsfork in the pathdouble standard
150:33chaka kennoff broadwaymind medicine
157:05dj dissetaxi to warmusic for dreams
200:11major lazerget freebecause
205:31dj fudgekeep on wanderingtejal
209:07the white lampits youfutureboogie

-- Total running time – 177.49 --

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