Sunday 26 April 2015

Tune of the Week - No.6 - 25.04.15

With so much wonderful music knocking around here in the Abstract studio, we thought we'd take the opportunity to showcase a few very special items that are close to our hearts. Our choices for Tune of the Week may be fresh through the door, or decades old - our aim is that they will always epitomise the ethos of AbstractRadio...

... and we're back.

With a sizeable stack of tunes to get through, it's no surprise that there are plenty of runners for the latest installment of t-o-w. All in all, it was very a close-run thing, but after much debate, ladies and gentlemen, put your hands in the air for:

Drop Out Orchestra feat Yvette
- I Got It H.I.M.W.O.L Remix -
Peppermint Jam Records PJMS 0817

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Drop Out Orchestra are (allegedly) a Swedish collective with a bit of penchant for 80's disco. As you are probably aware (unless you have been installed in a cave), reworked disco tracks are all the rage these days - we're pretty fond of them ourselves - and the fjord dwelling DOO have been cutting a swathe through this particular genre for a number of years, with a haul of remixes under their belts, as well as their own releases on Drop Out Sounds.

However, "I Got It" is a bit of a departure from their standard output. To start with, it's on Peppermint Jam records and so, as expected for a label run by Mousse T, this is squarely on a house tip. (Yes, of course we know PJR release all sorts of other stuff, but they're best known for knocking out quality, albeit fairly mainstream, house music).

The full release comes with four mixes, but we recommend you head straight for the H.I.M.W.O.L. remix, for this is where the magic lies. Here, Australian Glen Dichiera (himwol) has stripped down, refined and reworked the original into an almost unrecogniseable early nineties barnstormer of a track, clearly paying tribute to the classic east coast sound and delivering a slice of soul-drenched heaven that would have seen them bouncing off the walls at the Sound Factory (bar or club) back in the day.

Actually, there's not too much to the excellent "I Got It". Sultry filtered keys slowly build up over solid beats to a single, rather lengthy (72 second long) break, and then it's off again.

Ah, dear reader, but what a break it is: full of Joey Negro-esque washes, and with what sounds suspiciously like a tiny sample from Rhythim Is Rhythim's Strings of Life drifting through it, Yvette's voice floats serenely over the top until the drop, at which point she, er, belts it, and the house summarily goes loopy.

So, to recap: keys, beats, washes and vocals - house music sounds so simple really, but it is rarely done as well as this.
Brilliant, excellent and altogether rather wonderful.

Thanks himwol, more please.

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