Sunday 2 December 2018

AbstractRadio session - december 2018

"Do you like music?"

Just when you imagined things couldn't get more messy, the AbRad elves have emerged from their yurt with the second half - the "main event" - of our back-to-back end of year sessions.

With a passing nod to the god-like Mr A. Humphries, here's a joyous excursion into the realms of quality house music, featuring the odd old favourite jockeying for position alongside a bunch of fresher dancefloor cuts.

To quote the great Errol Brown, everyone's a winner, and there's too many to mention anywho.

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Love and oncillas,

The AbRad team

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Track Title
000.00loop jackerheavens riffparaiso
000.19robin & lumoonla banane du siecleclair de lune
003.48groove salvationibiza coloursgroove society
009.48jarred galloeyes on the prizenurvous
011.23guille placenciapantufla1605
017.33highnesssee about mewired
020.18eddie amadorhouse musicyoshitoshi
024.23pray for moresomedaykaf
030.01bertie bassetthe only onemagnetic
035.15fdfdisco trumpethotbit
039.56david pennnobodydefected
045.35riva starrin the midnightcajual
050.57dennis ferrerson of rawibadan
057.10peter browndevotionglasgow undergound
062.51little by littlehouse musicwired
066.18kinkperthrunning back
070.20adam portsallyplay it down
076.14mighty mousethe spiritglitterbox
082.38 gabriel and castellones vedradeepalma
089.02lucianorise of angelcadenza
092.21midlandfinal creditsclassic
101.17mark em.onoblanco
106.20chris fryexhalecrooks & villains
109.19phenomenal handclap bandjudge nottoy tonics
116.15the soup dragonsI'm freemidnight riot
123.30cassaraworking it outmood funk
128.18syncrosonicget highmena
131.03lonely chold upsoul clap

-- Total running time – 2.19.22 --

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