Sunday 16 December 2018

AbstractRadio Video Competition

Our Video Competition
--- aka ---
"We think you can do better"

--- Budding film-makers & animators ---
!!! ALERT !!!
Get you work seen by a larger audience...

We're intending to use the same technique as outlined here to post the best of our AbRAd's sessions onto youtube [with video].
As each of these sessions is at least an hour and a half long, we're consequently looking for some more "ticking-watch" footage to use in them.

So here's the plan:
    We provide you with the original sequence of photos of the watch face, plus a piece of music to sync and beat-match the images to, and you create video[s] from them, upload the result and send us the link.

    All winning entries in the competition will be used in our subsequent youtube videos sessions, and you will be fully credited for your contributions.

The music we have chosen is the rather wonderful : Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra - "Too much Information"

It runs at a steady bpm, and has a fair amount of variation to it.

Here's a copy on youtube for you to listen to:

Competition Rules:

The piece of music we have provided runs at exactly 120.00 bpm and is 8 minutes and 32 seconds long.
Please make sure your videos match this music and its tempo.

All video entries must be submitted with the following specifications:

    Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 HD
    Frame rate: 29.97fps
      XVID - 15,000kps or higher bitrate
      Quantize - 1.04 or lower

    Running times of videos must be AT LEAST 8.32 - the length of the original piece of music.

    Videos must be uploaded directly to Google Drive or to Dropbox or to Youtube itself.

    You must then send us an email containing a link to your uploaded video[s].

    The email must be titled "AbstractRadio Youtube Competition".

    Email the links for your entries to :

Please do not attempt to send videos directly to us - they will not be viewed - only send us the links.

There is currently no closing date for the competition.

You do not have to use the software or methods described above, but they may help!

Good luck and have fun, and please feel free to contact us via the email provided above if you have any questions regarding the competition details.

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