Thursday 31 January 2019

AbstractRadio mixtape - harley sounds - january 2019

Once upon a time, in a London far away, long before house music made the whole world jump up and down like lunatics, underground djs played a rarified mix of funk & soul, hip hop & rap called "rare groove".

Strictly for the cogniscenti, supported by a select few clubs & sound-systems such as the Wag and Shake n' Fingerpop, it existed far from the mainstream.
Only a privileged few - a small network of those in-the-know - had access to the djs & rare vinyl that defined the sound.
This was music heard nowhere else.

Good mixtapes were much-cherished & deeply inspirational - copied from friends & fellow music lovers, stretched & worn out through constant listening; some reached almost legendary status, many are now lost to the ravages of time.

One such C90 was "Harley Sounds", made by Dominic Weaver [thanks Paul!] in a flat on Harley Street in 1988/9.
We played it to death, to the extent that our copy is now unlistenable.

So, as a tribute to those halycon days, we've attempted to faithfully recreate it, trying to adhere as close as can be to our battered original.

We hope you enjoy.

Here's a picture of Winston:

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Track Title
00.00litmusgot to be the music
03.34doug freshguess who
08.28incredible bongo bandapache
13.19fred wesleyblow your head
21.40herman kellylets dance to the drummers beat
25.41derek bgood groove
30.08jvc forcestrong island
35.33ll cool jjack the ripper
40.02doug freshkeep rising
42.49kenny burkerising to the top
47.56wee papa girl rappersfaith
50.31eric b and rakimi know you got soul
56.10rob base dj ez-rockit takes two
60.29lynn collinsthink
62.57bobby byrdhot pants im coming
65.20bill mosssock it to em soul brother
68.16african music machineblack water gold
70.36funk incsister janie
75.09mighty tom catscheeba cheeba
82.28the blackbyrdsdoing it in the park
87.57charles wrightexpress yourself
91.32rufus thomasdo the funky penguin

-- Total running time – 1.34.41 --

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