Monday 29 June 2020

Live Lockdown Session on Twitch!

Yes, it has come to this...

Our first live session on Twitch.

6:30pm BST
Saturday 4th July

Bring your own airhorns.
Looking forward to seeing you there.

The plan is to do about four of these lockdown sessions in total, possibly more if they go down well.

We're starting "light and fluffy warm-up" with the first of the four.

Expect each set to become progressively more clubby as summer progresses, before culminating hopefully with a special end-of-season request show some time down the line.

These sessions will mainly be "house" sets - our apologies if you're expecting something else - with all relatively new[ish] tracks, though some may be pretty recogniseable as they're rehashes of old tunes.
As with all AbRad sessions, every tune's a winner, but expect the real cream to come near the end.

NB: During rehearsals, we've noticed some of the camera feeds occasionally drifting in and out of sync - sorry about this - we're working on fixing the issue [and improving the image quality] in future shows.
The music should sound OK though, which is what we're here for really, no?

*** Update ***

Details of the first session can be found here.

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