Tuesday 7 July 2020

AbstractRadio - lockdown session one - july 2020

Collected connoisseurs of abstraction ... hello once again!

This is the first of a small number of live lockdown sessions we're knocking out over the course of 2020.
Originally broadcast through twitch.tv on 4.7.2020, the video is now available for viewing on youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXjaVOzJ3uI

Featuring a slew of relatively new[ish] material, we've included some grooves, some tribal stuff, even the odd cheesy piano - some tracks may be pretty recogniseable as they're rehashes of older tunes.
As with all AbRad sessions, every one's a winner, but expect the real cream to appear nearer the end!

Stay safe and all that,
Peace, love and hyraxes,

The AbRad team.

Giving the gift of music, whether you want it or not.

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Track Title
000:00cisco cisco jazzy daysapersonal
005:26joe corti the first timebetter listen
009:42muzziq and samo your kisses ltbh
013:45mike dunn if I can’t get downdefected
019:09mark blair biggie was a jazz fanblanco
021:53pavel svetlove ahah!nurvous
025:44soul avengerz & gs heron someday - litmus' revolution mixsoda
031:25supernova RLH lapsus
033:28hector couto tierra santasoulman
040:32brrak faith in the people - litmus editcultural district
042:31kpd & andy reid deep in your lovemotive
047:45rout funk nobody babypornstar
052:47sllash & doppe makebatoolroom
057:25frank lamboy coffee breakbridge & tunnel
063:03jude & frank quem vai querersprs
066:54stacy kidd & ron carroll voodoo ray - litmus edithouse 4 life
069:13don welch push itunderground network
072:57earth n days soulshakinghouseu
077:05earth n days everythingthere was jack
080:55arduini & pagany house is the lighton air
085:00mattei & omich it’s a house thingm & o
090:26makree piano grooveltbh
096:20jazzanova I can seeobjektivity
100:19melba moore my heart belongs to yousoulfuric
103:24milk & sugar love is in the airm & s

-- Total running time – 1:51:10 --

Here's the vid:

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