Sunday 31 January 2021

AbstractRadio session - january 2021

Hi, hello, namaste and konnichiwa!

Yep, like the veritable bad penny, we have returned.
Through the dark nights our lovable - nay, adorable - AbRad elves have been beavering away feverishly down in the cellar here at Abstract Towers, and have knocked up a fine selection of fruity funky disco flavours for your deliberation.

This month's extravaganza features a whole host of fresh stuff, along with a couple of timeless old vinyl beauties from the vaults to round things off at the end.

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Love and iguanas,

The AbRad team

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Track Title
000:00a skillzeverything to meskillz
001:38elliot adamsonlove liftedidea
003:54chapter and versesinnernew state
014:18duwayne motleyrhythmsimma black
017:16paolo bardelliwe got the situationclub milano
021:26dj tripswitchheat of the nightwhitebeard
027:17yvvan backcry no morethere was jack
031:51magnifiksink down slowlymicropope
036:06little fritterdub riddimhot creations
040:27babert & rion srevolutionmidnight riot
047:23rubber peoplebe realblockhead
050:12wayne soul avengerzsomeone like youtropical disco
055:51lmcI don't know why I love youxploded
059:16the cube guysbotomacube
063:11batumno tiene la culpafull dance
067:48dj messtate of affairsguesthouse
072:26brothers in artsthe bad habitsspa in disco
078:10house meanz houseplay itguesthouse
079:04jp gettothe devil's handfogbank
083:41david penn & kpdjerkin'armada deep
087:17stanny abramamellebueeglasgow underground
091:23vintage cultureit is what it isdefected
096:55moa bayla sourispiston
102:03crystal clearlive your lifeyellorange
108:14mustapha feat nataliacirclesyellorange

-- Total running time – 1:56:55 --

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