Monday 31 January 2022

AbstractRadio session - east coast one - january 2022

[east coast : part two is here. ]

Once upon a time ...

... there was a nightclub called The Paradise Garage ... or at least, that's how many variants of the tale begin.

Way back in the 80's, a sophisticated new sound emerged from of a number of clubs and churches spread down a section of the North East US coast - this was a sweet, celebratory, soulful dance scene, centering on NY and New Jersey as its birthplace and spiritual hub.
The Garage itself was the home of the legendary Larry Levan and, emanating from there, this new sound slowly spread its tendrils and influences across the continent and, inevitably, into the underground clubs of London, Lisbon, Canada, Italy and beyond, onwards across the globe.

The hefty majority of this music was made at a time when the best producers on the NY scene had the luxury of easy access to splendid singers and nice big studios, and the lengthy and glowing roster of the sound's champions features many a lofty house dignitary; Humphries, Knuckles, Masters at Work, Basement Boys, Roland Clark, Benji Candelario, Victor Simonelli and, of course, Kerri Chandler.

For much of this era, Strictly Rhythm was THE label of choice, but Easy Street, Nu-Groove, Nervous, Sub-urban, King Street, 4th Floor and countless other independent labels, many long since gone, all left their mark on the genre.

Sometimes providing a stripped down sound, sometimes huge gospel-driven productions, garage came across as a softer, sexier, more soulful sub-branch of house; with disco as an obvious predecessor - and donating it's backbone 4/4 kick - it had a warm, natural vibe, and never strayed too far into the tougher, more accelerated, future-sounding style which came to dominate mainstream dance at the time, though it did occasionally surface from the depths of the underground, with tracks like Hardrive's "Deep Inside" thumping out of every car stereo in London over the summer of '93...

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Track Title
000:00saltmarshozone sun
004:45non-zerosslum hasta
015:44new girls possehigher
025:40delano smitha message for the dj
030:38smooth touchhouse of love
037:15aftershockslave to the vibe
045:01roach motelmovin' on
052:02sandy bfeel like singing
056:13sole fusionwe can make it
061:18fire islandin your bones
067:10romanthonyfalling from grace
072:30maydie myleskeep on luvin
079:02hidden agendastory of my life
085:33djs ruleget into the music
088:39romanthonyministry of love
090:54janet rushmorejoy

-- Total running time – 94.42 --

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