Tuesday 1 February 2022

AbstractRadio session - east coast two - february 2022

[east coast : part one can be found here ]

Knocking this mix together has evoked a fair few memories, including those of hanging out on D'Arblay St on Mondays and Thursdays, waiting for the guy in the small blue van - sorry mate, can't remember your name - who delivered vinyl hot off the plane from New York - if you caught him before he could reach the shops, you might snap up some exclusive beauties before they forever disappeared behind the counters of all the indy dance music shops located nearby.

Still alive and well today, US garage is in great hands - with a constant stream of top-drawer tracks coming from the likes of Terry Hunter, DJ Spen and Glen Horsborough, there will always be soul running through this music's heart.

Though the elfin mixing presented here may perhaps not be to everyone's taste, if the wonderful tracks and truly glorious voices contained within are not entirely your cup of char, then may we humbly suggest that AbRad is possibly not the one for you, as we'll stand by these tunes 'til hell freezes over.
Perhaps for you some Genesis instead?

And, sadly, some of the tracks featured may no longer exhibit premier sound quality - suffice to say, that's probably because they're rare, and only ever existed on what is now 30+ year old vinyl. Only the lucky few had copies of some of these tracks, and we understandably thrashed them to death. And some of the vinyl was neither especially well-pressed nor mastered in the first place!

Finally, for those of you who can't get enough of this, there is also a complete version of these sessions, combining both mixes - let us know if you'd like a copy via the chat below and we'll get a link for you to download the whole mix in it's full, unadulterated glory.

Love and hutias,


The Abrad Team

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Track Title
000:00janet rushmorejoy
002:22tears of velvathe way I feel
006:10roy davis jnrmichael
011:48sabrynaah popeit works for me
019:17aly usfollow me
023:44maydie myleskeep on lovin - disco style
028:48jomandaI cried the tears
034:45south steet playerwho
039:25kerry chandlerinspiration
043:54astrotraxthe energy
057:45gisele jacksonlove commandments
064:07cookie watkinsI'm attracted to you
071:16odysseyfeel my love
076:09jasper street companysolid ground
083:21mike delgadoget ready
086:53groove committeeI want you to know
093:07marc anthonyride on the rhythm
096:13amazon huntressslo

-- Total running time – 105.53 --

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