Tuesday 28 March 2023

AbstractRadio session 50 - part five - REBUILT

"More multideck mayhem from our merry pranksters..."

Without further ado, here's the **!!!REBUILT!!!** fifth section of sesh 50 - our welcoming bear-hug-like introductory session to our lovely new home at hearthis@ - we hope you like the show so far!

This mix features the collected vocal talents of Aretha Franklin, Teddy Pendergrass, Greta Thunberg, Mutabaruka, Patrice Rushen, Rochelle Flemming, Cynthia Johnson, Nina Simone, Róisín Murphy and, of course, the wonderful Loleatta Holloway.
We're sure you'll agree, that's quite a line-up for a lacrosse team.

We've even knocked up a video for this one - you can find it here.

NB: some Session 50's six parts have been rebuilt since first posted on mixcloud back in 2022. The tracks are the same, but they've been reordered and re-recorded to produce, for us, far more satisfactory results.

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Love and gnus,


The AbRad Team


Track Title
000:00litmusblunted poetryblanco
001:42adam twelve feat nathalie mirandawhen u trytiger
004:33david pennthat vibeunbanized
008:40mattei & omich & elisabeth yorke-bologninihaven't you heardm&o
010:03dj tripswitchbroken hearted boogiere:vibe
017:02sammy deucehere come the hornsnervous
019:52jazzyfunknew elitemotive
026:02iacofor yousalted
030:30jonk & spookparty!crms
034:19mark funksunlightmonoside
038:51makitohip breakinlittle jack
044:21dj tripswitchfunky needsbid
048:19loodsrivieraclub sweat
050:23mark knight, siegegive it uptoolroom
054:29pintodangerousjack city
058:20basement jaxxdo your thingatlantic jaxx
063:15peter brownnobody elsecruise
064:32soul speechmorning lightsnatch!
068:38dmitri saidi, sinner & jamesdis poemkitt ball
073:45brokenearsbody monstertoo many rules
078:15carlohso goodtoo many rules
082:20max millan, f.a.tmaoriflashmob
085:09double touch, reiganstormadid
092:21kevin mckaysing it backglasgow underground
099:39jay potter, dancing divaz, lee wilsonfeeling happyphoenix soul
105:09jay vegasrock tha showhot stuff
108:28le bon groovetell mecruise
112:19mike newmanhey franklin!bagira ice

-- Total running time – 1:57:28 --

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Here's the vid on friendface - pretty good quality

Here's the vid on youtube:

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