Thursday 2 March 2023

AbstractRadio session 50 - part four

"In full swing ..."

Welcome back.
Here's the fourth part of session fifty - our never-ending swansong session for mixcloud, and more importantly, the fanfare-inducing, mould-breaking, breath-taking introductory / welcoming session to our nice new home at hearthis@.

Going a bit more mainstream after the deep underground shenanigans that was Session 50 - Part Three, we're shifting into full soulful party mode now, with a heap of great songs and a couple of rehashed old favourites that have crossed our path in recent times.

As ever, we hope you like.

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Love and lumpsuckers,




Track Title
00:00litmus v trexget it onblanco
00:52mambo brosdiscoteqdefected
05:50soulistasymphomaniacgroove culture
10:24dompethe spiritjackfruit
15:58arturo macchiavelliwe got lovecruise
20:47mike newmaneasybagira ice
25:20batumno tiene la culpafull dance
30:28rescuemy flowfogbank
35:01hp vincemy liferevoke
38:34george cynnamonlet your body flowjuiced
42:20hatirasI just can'tspacedisco
46:27makitothe gamelittle jack
51:56litmus v the cube guyssanthoshblanco
56:52dj messtate of affairsguesthouse
61:26house gospel choirmy zuluisland
66:04t markakissomeone like youlittle jack
71:42davide migliardiseventeen nightklubasic
75:02brokenearsupside downmotive
80:30per qxwhen the lights go downlet there be house
85:27atfcone step aheadarmada deep

-- Total running time – 1:31:02 --

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