Thursday, 31 December 2020

New Year's Eve on Twitch and Zoom!

Citizens of Earth...

You are cordially invited to our rather splendid New Year's Eve Jamboree!

A one-off night of music, magic and general malarkey.

Festivities will be simultaneously brought to you by means of the magical lantern mastery of Mister Twitch & Madame Zoom!

This year’s event will be an extra special musical request show ....
An impromptu extravaganza of your personal favourites :: u name it & we’ll play it!
So, please send all your party requests ...
    In advance to either our Or, on the night itself / during the Live event :
      via the live Twitch stream’s “chat” feature only

    Doors open and performance starts at 10:30pm GMT Location:

    Dress to impress

    There will be dancing

    Entry is free

    And you’ve got nowhere else to go and nothing else to do, so please come and join us in kicking out the old and seeing in the new

    Bring your own airhorns.
    Looking forward to seeing you there.

    NB: During rehearsals, we've noticed some of the camera feeds occasionally drifting in and out of sync - sorry about this - we're working on fixing the issue [and improving the image quality] in future shows.
    The music should sound OK though, which is what we're here for really, no?

Saturday, 19 December 2020

AbstractRadio session - big room II - december 2020

Blistering barnacles, we're back with some biggies!

Do y'a like loads of big-room belters, some a bit bonkers, all of 'em bangers?
Well, consider y'selves blessed, cos that's what we have here.
Lots of fresh stuff, plus the odd oldie to keep you on your toes.

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Many thanks.

Love and pygmy shrews,

The AbRad team

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by genre:
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Track Title
000:00ivan dornright wrongspinnup
005:27low steppaheaven armada deep
008:23sonny vicealiens from spaceulybug
013:14dj rae & martin badderchangeltbh
017:36low steppasunshinearmada deep
022:05marco lysbody rootssoulfuric
025:25felix da funkpastanagatactical
029:16rendher & richard ulhtalk of the townsolid grooves
031:49radio slavelive my liferekids
035:24fabio vela feat. liz hillI can handle itdefected
040:29litmusm22 v innercityblanco
047:03jake wouldpump itbasement sound
056:22daniel dashget a lifeplay and tonic
060:12dennis ferrerhey heydefected
066:35beyond therapyhigherchampion
073:30oliver heldensrave machinetoolroom
076:18brookes brothersgood thingdrum&bassarena
081:14beloccachemical substancemainground
086:49sllash & doppegingobatoolroom
088:53dick johnsonsenegalplay it down
091:10dave winnelkazooaxtone
092:45antoine clamaran & agua sin gasI wanna give youwhore
094:18anil arasplanet asoulfood
099:10soul centralstrings of lifedefected
104:15mark knight & tuff londonjus' cometoolroom
106:04wild cherryplay that funky musicsony
110:26re-tide & rocoelet's go to the discore-tide
114:00felix da housecatsinner winner litmus remixblanco
120:55k london posse feat. maydie mylesI believe4tothefloor
127:15pete hellerbig lovedefected
129:41atfctech house kinda thingtoolroom

-- Total running time – 2:14:47 --

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