Thursday, 2 August 2018

AbstractRadio session - august 2018

Welcome back and all that.

Here's the second stint of this year's AbRad back-to-back summer sessions, where we find those deligent AbRad elves slipping deeper into club mode, providing all you fine citizens with a heavier, more rinsed out affair, suitable for all your dancing needs.
Culled from a crate of recent ass-shakers, this session leads on directly from the previous [sesh. 26], and features stonkers from the likes of the Cube Guys, Mambo Bros and Funkatron, along with an instant classic from Beth Ditto and a generous helping of old-school club reworks.

You lucky beggars.

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Love and zero ambition,


The AbRad team

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Track Title
000:35david penndisk-jockeyurbana
003:22george acostake riconervous
008:32john tejadasweat on the wallsdefected
013:02kerri chandlerthe introcircus
017:27eddie thoneickadamusondos
022:32crazibizafeel the vibepornostar
026:29polymodno other17 steps
031:36the cube guyshypnotizecube
036:15mark funkraise the bar guesthouse
038:47samostop messingcruise
044:12moon rocketface your lovedoomusic
045:06mutinyholding onunderwater
050:30david harnesswe got itmoulton
052:04ben delaymove your bodymilk & sugar
057:28nic fanciullimoving onseamless
059:01cool 45moving onrazor-n-tape
061:13dj meslonely nightssalted
067:01milty evansthe formulaseventy four
071:40true spirit90sppmusic
077:35mambo brotherskasaisaved
085:04marc romboygalaxy in an atomkompakt
095:16daddy’s groovestreet lifecartel
099:55mathias kadennokickpets
108:42beth dittofirevirgin

-- Total running time – 114.05 --

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

AbstractRadio session - july 2018


This, the first of a couple of back-to-back summer sessions for the year, brings you a not-too-heavy-on-the-ear, voice-drenched round-up of some recent goodies to warm y'selves up with. The results? A veritable panoply of top tunage with gems from, amongst others: Doug Willis, David Penn, Sophie Lloyd and Roland Clark, plus a fair few reworkings of some belting club classics from yesteryear.

Finally succumbed to the irresistible charms of AbstractRadio?
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Love and tardigrades,


The AbRad team

ps - don't forget to check out the 2nd half of this melodious malarkey - coming very soon!

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Track Title
00:00featurecastfunky introduction bombstrikes
00:28freiboitarthere must be somethingno brainer
04:03arcoholding onsalted
08:55brooklyn classictoo strongfunkskool
12:29careri & macchiavellikeep goingpurple
16:31yassbeen a long timeurbana
20:33delano smitha message for the djstill
26:02mambo brotherssundogstoolroom
32:16crackazatcoffee timeeureka
33:56aroop roytalkin bout lifehouse of disco
39:14mike newmanmy sistabagira ice
44:00dan-e-mctake me highsoundmen on wax
48:54david pennlosing youurbana
53:03doug willisrisky biznizzzedd
58:38bob & dimitrilove is the answeryellow
63:10used discothis is our houseplay and tonic
68:59the cube guysah feel like ahcidcube
73:37roland clarkthis aint freedomclub sweat
79:39sophie lloydcalling out your nameclassic
85:33block and crownwe are togetherpornostar
92:36marco giannonelonelyocean trax
95:25david penndisk-jockeyurbana

-- Total running time – 99.59 --

Monday, 28 May 2018

AbstractRadio session - tribal riddims 2018

And now...

More large-scale cultural misappropriation from the world's number one abstract radio station

Adhering to a vaguely afrocentric tip, the AbRad elves have delved deep into the world of tribal rhythms, serving up a pile of fresh stuff, plus a few oldies thrown in just for kicks.

So, close the curtains, turn the lights down, take your shoes off & turn up the sound.

As ever, we'd like to mention those who helped in the making of this rather splendid session, but at the moment we're having problems finding the door.

Love & djembes,


The Abrad Team

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Track Title
000:00ajukajabenga benga 2porridge bullet
002:33distinct pointtzwiresa chantarawakan
008:04dee jay soundescravo para musica brasileirapoji
012:49kerry chandlerescravos de joibadan
019:13adam porte soundkeinemusik
024:18deeplomatiktribal dancesalted
027:06kaiserdiscoque ritmomomentum league
032:53salif keitamadanuniversal
037:40mat joejungle fevermother
041:46rhythm staircasethe felinenite grooves
046:24kevin yostreturn to the deepi
050:25ayman awadafricanosgreat stuff
054:20groove phenomenonafrica tribework
059:09red axessun my sweet sunpermanent vacation
063:47karnakcalypso breakdowntwisted
068:22ajukajabenga benga 1porridge bullet
070:31atjazztrack 6atjazz
077:49dubtribeequitorealimperial dub
084:49cuarterola sambasoulman
089:54milk and sugarheat african dayenormous
093:51brothers in progresscollisionmonza ibiza
096:24djuma soundsystemmenage a moiget physical
101:47afro warriorsuyankentezatribe
109:52aki bergenalma de diosnoir
114:30dele sosimitoo much informationinnervisions
126:50chus & lissatvuela palomatoolroom
135:22david herrerocabaretdeeperfect
140:00mary kanteyeke yekebarclay
146:04leftfieldafro lefthard hands
154:02lost desertlingalaall day I dream
159:11oscar pfiltered african bluesseres
167:50malcolm mcclarensong for changocharisma

-- Total running time – 171:07 --

Thursday, 15 March 2018

AbstractRadio session - joey negro 2018

Dave Lee aka Joey Negro aka … well … he’s enough aliases you begin to wonder whether he’s on an Interpol list.

Regarded by many as a national treasure, clearly deserving of a knighthood, plus a fine wearer of hats, Dave’s definitely worth making a song and dance about, so we did just that.

With the highest of hi-hats, lush strings, soaring vocals and disco sweeps aplenty, here’s some proper all-time gems from the vaults - at least six never leave “the bag”.

Sound quality’s not perfect as there’s a fair amount of battered old vinyl in the mix but hopefully you’ll forgive us.

Love and glittery disco-balls,


The AbRad team

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Track Title
000:00doug willis everybodyz records
000:52masters of the universe space talkstrictly underground
003:55phase II reachin'republic
009:21flashback of a genius gotta get upazuli
016:20extortion how do you see me nowboys own
021:00erro change for mez records
028:18fibre foundation weekendz records
036:30z factor ride the rhythmz records
041:39joey negro must be the musicz records
047:29z factor make a move on mez records
054:42sadam ant baby brotherz records
059:05z factor get in to the musicz records
064:47z factor sounds in the airz records
069:11akabu life is so strangez records
074:25sessomato moodyjunior
079:05loose change straight from the heartz records
085:40sunburst band I'll be there for youz records
091:16foreal people does it feel good to youz records
099:46joey negro can't get high without uz records
106:21diana ross love hangoverz records
111:31doug willis get your ownz records
117:19revival 3000 mighty high hi life

-- Total running time – 126:45 --

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