Saturday, 9 November 2019

AbstractRadio session - november 2019

Hail noble Abstractionistas!

Here lies seven decades of musical shizz, mashed down into just under three hours of mellow fruitiness.

Suitable for all environments, including kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, long journeys and waiting in queues for basic essentials.

Consider it a marmelised melee of funk, soul, grooves, dub, breaks, jazz, hiphop, trick tunes & blunted beats. There's something for everyone here, unless of course you have an aversion for fine music.

Love and echidnas,

AbstractRadio: for your mind, body and soul.

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Track Title
00.00carrie rodriguezfrio en el almaluz
03.22pastor barrett & the youth for christ choirnobody knowslight in the attic
08.13st germainsure thingblue note
10.28earl st claircriminaldef jam
13.48greg streetgood daynoton
18.48clarence wheeler & enforcersright onatlantic
22.43catching fliesdaymarksindigo soul
25.42mr scruffmusic takes me upninja tune
31.04jstar / j*weed anthemblanco
37.34sarah wintonfool in loveblanco
42.38psychemagicwake up everybodyself
50.15roberta flackcompared to whatatlantic
56.19nina simonetaking care of businessphilips
58.07futuresain't no time fa nothingphiladelphia
62.12archie bell & drellsdon't let love get you downphiladelphia
66.34explosionship dropgold cup
68.33jimmy jonesdo what comes naturaldeke
71.03glen lloydrudies give upnoton
73.53marc mac & visioneersrunnin'bbe
77.53barry grayufo themesilva screen
79.45tim maiarational cultureseroma
89.49johnny thunderI'm alivecalla
91.55oscar brownmr kickscolumbia
94.13marcia griffithsdon't let me downtrojan
97.22rahsaan rolandmaking love after hoursatlantic
101.16ann alfordif it ain't one thinghy sign
104.39weldon irvinewe're getting downrca
110.52huey piano smithhigh blood pressureace
113.02cornelius brotherstoo lateunited artists
116.00gs heronwhitey on the moonflying dutchman
117.28sandy riverayou work hard for your enemydirty soul
121.18fat campdon't blame us for the boogiedisco sucks
128.33frank cunimondofeeling goodmondo
130.44brooklyn expressyou need a change of mindbc
134.10junglehappy manxl
136.31chaka khanlike sugardiary
143.31thievery corporationuntil the morningesl
146.18dj camst germaininflammable
149.35jstar / j*no diggityblanco
154.00arms and sleeperspan amself
158.44jill scottit's lovehidden beach
165.39zachary kibbeeend of daysself
168.49meuteyou and metumult

-- Total running time – 2.54.35 --

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Saturday, 24 August 2019

AbstractRadio session - august 2019

*** aka - the strange case of the unrelenting hi-hat ***

And lo, after many months' absence, the stranger returned from the mountains, laden with an abundance of great tunes.

And the golden ones rejoiced,
For all was good in the land [apart, of course, from all the usual stuff].

Here's the much anticipated, long-awaited and severely overdue companion piece to our last [mar 2019] session.
Consider it as a significantly bigger, badder elder sibling to the other.

Love and marmosets,

AbstractRadio: for your mind, body and soul.

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Track Title
00.00barry & gibbslet her dancesakura
03.54art of tonesstand uplocal talk
10.07reset presetwhat happenedblinded
12.57adri blockphilly groovingmmf
16.50re-tidewhat a feelingre-tide
20.42stuart ojelaywork 4 loveword of mouth
25.39mark lowerwhere the party's atsakura
27.20romy blackthe love testsouluxe
31.12litmusbasement wonderblanco
35.39jay vegassay to yahot stuff
43.40luca debonairewanna say yestiger
47.17ben delayall I need is younervous
51.56atfc & david penndynamitearmada subjekt
55.57henry hackingnasty girlmilk & sugar
60.36marque aurelfeelmonoside
63.57tommy heronsolariswhitebeard
67.34jonk & spookparty!crms
71.1884bitlike no one beforephoenix
75.27rubb sound systemno end babymood funk
79.19sneaky sound systemcant help the way I feelcr2
82.56luca debonairemanos parribawhich bottle
87.08joeskidia de ayersondos
91.47coburngive me lovegreat stuff
98.21donna summerI feel loveteddy bear
100.11antranigback to housesondos
105.20fabio velaI can handle itdefected
108.42kevin mckayhallelujahgu
112.19jonk & spookget u feel itocean
116.11lokosuper villanotoolroom
121.05SL2djs take controlfood
121.52chez damiercan you feel itdith
124.34marco lysgorising
130.38heartiklast of the breedsuara
133.43rustem rustemlets groovenew state
137.36cube guysvoicescube
140.27electro bluesall I dod:vision
147.1784bitlose myselfphoenix
151.56alessio calalet the rhythm take you higherdvine
155.32peter brownI'm gonna hold onltbh
161.40apparel wax005b1apparel
163.10uncle theocupcakescupcakes
165.41hatirasI just can'tsoulstar
170.50roland clarkbring togetherrobsoul
174.12niko the kidslip awayheldeep
178.00naationswant me moreaccess

-- Total running time – 3.04.35 --

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Sunday, 31 March 2019

AbstractRadio session - march 2019

Welcome back to the groove AbRadders.

Here's our first housed-up offering of 2019 - consider this as a warm-up: a shot-across-the-bows, so to speak, an amuse bouche in anticipation of next month's blockbustering biggie!

Featuring, as ever, a compendium of upfront tunage on a deep and disco/filtered soul tip, with a fair amount of triple-deck [and sometimes quadruple] trickery thrown in to keep your ears toasty.

Love and ferrets,

The AbRad team

Giving the gift of music, whether you want it or not.

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Track Title
000.0084bittimelesshi! energy
001.24afshintrouble in my waygamm
010.14finest wearlove is deepnordic trax
016.26dole komwho knowskarera
020.20karl sierravibe all nightpuro
0.31.27william devaughbe thankfulwemeandisco
036.30pasquale caracciololet you gogo deeva
042.19a-trakdjs gotta dance morefool's gold
046.36meddie mercuryhigher luvdiscofiles
049.26dj violetamel & Ivilles et fleurs
053.19deft bonzdangerous lovesoul deluxe
057.58funkatomichard timesgroove culture
062.09studioheistwhat you dolarge
065.30pittotreat me like a foolheist
068.37dj angelocubra librenite grooves
071.51k&kmillion milesphoenix
076.22kotelett & zadaktony traderkatermukke
080.47alessio mostiundressedhotfingers
084.32scott diazendless luminositysuburban
089.11ki creightonrunaroundunder no illusion
094.37todd terrybrighter daysphoenix
100.34pray for morewhen I fell in loveklein aber fein
107.21man go funkcome togetherstereophonic
110.43all you can eatjust to know loveblacksoul
114.36fabio veesee youdifferent twins

-- Total running time – 2.01.04 --

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Thursday, 31 January 2019

AbstractRadio mixtape - harley sounds - january 2019

Once upon a time, in a London far away, long before house music made the whole world jump up and down like lunatics, underground djs played a rarified mix of funk & soul, hip hop & rap called "rare groove".

Strictly for the cogniscenti, supported by a select few clubs & sound-systems such as the Wag and Shake n' Fingerpop, it existed far from the mainstream.
Only a privileged few - a small network of those in-the-know - had access to the djs & rare vinyl that defined the sound.
This was music heard nowhere else.

Good mixtapes were much-cherished & deeply inspirational - copied from friends & fellow music lovers, stretched & worn out through constant listening; some reached almost legendary status, many are now lost to the ravages of time.

One such C90 was "Harley Sounds", made by Dominic Weaver [thanks Paul!] in a flat on Harley Street in 1988/9.
We played it to death, to the extent that our copy is now unlistenable.

So, as a tribute to those halycon days, we've attempted to faithfully recreate it, trying to adhere as close as can be to our battered original.

We hope you enjoy.

Here's a picture of Winston:

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Track Title
00.00litmusgot to be the music
03.34doug freshguess who
08.28incredible bongo bandapache
13.19fred wesleyblow your head
21.40herman kellylets dance to the drummers beat
25.41derek bgood groove
30.08jvc forcestrong island
35.33ll cool jjack the ripper
40.02doug freshkeep rising
42.49kenny burkerising to the top
47.56wee papa girl rappersfaith
50.31eric b and rakimi know you got soul
56.10rob base dj ez-rockit takes two
60.29lynn collinsthink
62.57bobby byrdhot pants im coming
65.20bill mosssock it to em soul brother
68.16african music machineblack water gold
70.36funk incsister janie
75.09mighty tom catscheeba cheeba
82.28the blackbyrdsdoing it in the park
87.57charles wrightexpress yourself
91.32rufus thomasdo the funky penguin

-- Total running time – 1.34.41 --

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