Reception Problems?

Phone users - please note:

If you are using an iPhone, please click here to access the player.

If you are using an Android based phone, you can also use this same link with most browsers on your phone bar Chrome, which does not work well, BUT YOU MUST CHANGE THE USER AGENT SETTINGS IN THE BROWSER FROM "MOBILE" OR "DEFAULT" TO "DESKTOP" AND THEN RELOAD AND PRESS "PLAY" ON THE PLAYER. User agent settings can be found in the browser preferences or settings. Sometimes there is a box to check stating "Request desktop site".

If you are using a Windows phone, at present it is unlikely the player will work at all.

In this case, if you wish to listen to the AbstractRadio stream on your windows phone, please try the following:

2., enter "abstractradio" into the search field and the stream should appear in the search results - just click play.
3., and again, enter "abstractradio" into the search field and the stream should appear in the search results.

We believe the shoutcast stream (3) works on most Windows phones - please let us know if this is not the case.

For non-phone users, we're sorry you're having trouble listening to AbstractRadio.

Here are some tips which we hope will resolve your problems.

First of all, reload the main AbstractRadio page, then (re)open the pop-up player page.

The main control can be found at the bottom left of the player, as seen below:
Is the player working?
The player should appear as the image on the right.
If the "play" button is lit up yellow, as seen in the image on the left, then press play.

The player should now say "pause" if it is playing).

If there is still no sound, please check that the volume is up and that the clock ("this session") is ticking.

NB: for IPAD users - there is no autoplay feature for the iPad, so when the player opens, you have to click "play" to start the broadcast.

If the clock is not ticking then there may be a problem connecting to the stream.

To confirm that the stream is genuinely running:

Artist and track information:
Is the artist and song title information changing over time?
Make a mental note of the current/last song being played, then wait a few minutes (for a couple more songs to cycle through the playlist). Has the playlist information changed?
If not, then the stream may be down.
Please contact us about this using either via the chat page or the "post a comment" form at the bottom of the page.

Is flash installed and working correctly on your device?
If not, then install the latest version of flash.

Is there sound on your device / computer and is the sound up?
Check - can you listen to other media on your device.

Are you listening from behind a proxy?
Internet radio streams often have problems getting through proxys - please try connecting to AbstractRadio directly.

Are you listening from behind a firewall?
Internet radio streams sometimes have issues passing through third party firewalls - please try assigning a port in your firewall to accept internet radio streams or speak to your network administrator about the issue - they may be intentionally blocking internet radio to conserve bandwidth.

Are you listening on an "unusual" device?
If you are trying to listen to AbstractRadio on, say, your fridge, you may encounter some issues. We suggest you try a more robust platform like a computer, tablet or phone.

Are you in North Korea?
Well, then you probably won't be allowed to read this anyway. Our apologies.

--- Update - April 2017 ---

Banned IP Addresses: If you cannot access the station at all via a certain device or from a certain location, then there is a possibility that we have blocked your IP address. Sadly, we occasionally need to do this as certain unmentionables [mainly in central and Eastern Europe - yes, you know who you are, and now so do we] consider it to be acceptable behaviour to suck up our bandwidth as they record AbRad's output for days on end.

If you feel this may be the case, please contact us and we'll look into the matter.

Still not working?

Please can you contact us either via the chat page or the "post a comment" form below, giving as much detail as you can regarding the problems you are encountering and we will get back to you asap.

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