Friday 13 May 2016

Tune of the Week - No.9 - 12.05.16

With so much wonderful music knocking around here in the Abstract studio, we thought we'd take the opportunity to showcase a few very special items that are close to our hearts. Our choices for Tune of the Week may be fresh through the door, or decades old - our aim is that they will always epitomise the ethos of AbstractRadio...

And welcome back to our continuing search for aural excellence...

Milk & Sugar ft. Nomfusi - Heat (African Day) - Sandy Dae Mix -
Enormous Tunes ETR308

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Coming to an AbRad Session near you soon, here's our latest tune of the ... well, you can insert your own appropriate time-frame here [we suspect you're not all sitting on the edge of you collective seats awaiting our Tunes of the Week].

Featuring the silky vocals of South African chanteuse Nomfusi, Heat tells a tale of pastoral existence; collecting wood to make a fire, grinding flour for bread, taking water from the near-by river - no story of urban life and love here. In fact, she may well be camping, though we suspect not. Some of her lyrics remain unclear to us here at AbRad mansions, but frankly, she had us after the lines:
    "Wake up in the morning, I was feeling kind of cold so I decided that I'd go and get some heat. Chopping at the wood so I can take it home with me so I can get the fire started for me tea."

    [It's her pronunciation of "tea" that gets us - just exquisite!].

Milk and Sugar of course require very little by way of introduction - they've been knocking out cracking house tunes for decades, but the accolades here go to the remix duties carried out by relative newcomer Sandy Dae. She's added a cracking little bassline to the original, plus a couple of fat breaks, and has tightened the track up a fair bit, delivering a really fantastic floorfiller.

Go on, get some heat.

Here's the vid:

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